Dark Circles and Stubborn Eye Bags Remedy

The eye mirrors our over all health and when we spot dark circles and bulging eye bags under the eye, we begin to feel self conscious and worried that it mirrors us differently to others. These eye problems can be an issue but not for long, thanks to eye doctors who are going out of their way to provide the best remedy to our specific problems.

Dark Circles Under The Eye

Dark Circles under the eye is commonly caused by one or several of the following; age, dry skin, crying, long hours of work, strained eyes, mental and physical stress, improper sleep, and poor diet. Hereditary can also be a contributing factor.

While a dark circle under the eye is not a major problem, it is apparently an issue when it comes to aesthetics. You may have heard of various remedies to resolve this; from easy home remedies to the best under eye cream for men or women.  Regardless of the remedy you choose, the usual concern is how long it will take to see results.

  • Concealers and lightening cream. For many, concealers and lightening creams are the best way to hide dark circles immediately. Choose a concealer that’s closest to your skin tone. It lightens the dark area fast so that you can face the world without feeling so conscious of those dark circles.
  • Lemon. The use of lemon is a great option however does not provide an immediate effect on the first use. The good news is that lemon has skin lightening effects that show through continuous use. Lemon is known to bleach the skin with its natural vitamin c. Use cotton ball to apply lemon juice on dark rings and leave it for 10 minutes. Daily use is recommended until dark circles show vivid lightening results.
  • Creams and Serums. Aiming for a permanent solution to dark circles will call for a lot of treatments. Treatment should focus on the cause of dark circles. Creams and serums can however provide a permanent solution. Some creams contain the right nutrients that the under eye capillaries will need. Creams with green tea, grape seed, and anti-inflammatory properties can go a long way.

Stubborn Eye Bags

Eye bags make can make us look tired and a lot older than what our age actually is. While old folks say we can easily get rid of these eye problems with proper sleep and diet, this suggestion does not really help remove eye bags and dark circles immediately. And even if right dieting and proper sleep habits are achieved, eye bags are just too stubborn to stay.

There are various approaches to removing eye bags, the non-surgical dermal fillers and the surgical approach that involves local anesthesia.

  • Non Surgical dermal fillers. This procedure involves direct injection of naturally derived material or even synthetic material that is tested to be safe for use. The main goal of derma fillers is to make a plump effect on the affected area.  The effect of dermal fillers can last from six months to a maximum of 2 years.
  • Surgery. For eye bags caused by excess fat under the eyes, surgery is recommended. This will require healing for up to a week. Surgery scrapes off excess fat under the eye to remove the bags permanently. Full recovery from surgery takes up to 4 weeks.

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