Fat Grafting

Also called fat injection or fat grafting

A fat grafting process moves fat from places by which you’ve body fat, like the outer legs, and inserts it into places which may be without quantity, for example fingers, that person, breasts or buttocks. This secure, long lasting, well-accepted process creates organic-looking results.

A large number of individuals undergo effective fat grafting each year and therefore are happy with the outcomes.


When to Think About Fat Transfer

  • When you have facial regions that appear sunken and creased
  • If you would like more lasting modification than is supplied by temporary fillers
  • If you want to enhance the body shape, modify scars, complete depressions that are physical and refresh the hands and experience To be used in breast reconstruction, cover clear signs of breast implants or to complete shape problems


It’s time intensive to organize fat tissue before moving it, when compared with dermal fillers, that are prepackaged.

Fat transfer costs more though lasting than dermal fillers. For enhancement, you might need multiple classes to attain buttock size or your preferred chest.These would be the top-three benefits and drawbacks when it comes to fat transfer to consider. Please talk to your cosmetic surgeon if you desire to concentrate on what’s unique for you.


Autologous fat (out of your own body), in the place of dermal fillers, changes “like with like,” lowering the opportunity of allergy symptoms to foreign substances.Fat transfer can be a noninvasive way of achieving facial rejuvenation.Fat transfer answers are secure, long-lasting and organic.

A video about Fat Tranfer: